Axial &

Centrifugal Fans

Axial Fans

MPI Sowerby Engineering offers a wide range of axial fans to supply and process air within critical and demanding processes across multiple industries.

Our original equiptment manufacturer has been at the forefront of axial fan technology since inception as we continue to lead the world in raising energy efficiency, improving reliability, and reducing lifetime costs for our customers.

Many of our fans are serving in applications where durability and performance are of going concern. Our substantial base and long customer relationships bear witness to the high-quality finishing of our fans and excellence in engineering design. This is carried through from bespoke fans for power and mining to standardized fans supporting ventilation in transport tunnels and air provision in light industrial settings.

Centrifugal Fans

From our extensive range of centrifugal fans, we can supply designs to satisfy the demands of a vast spectrum of applications where an industrial fan is required to create a flow of air or gas.


If there is a set of fan requirements for a particular application, it is likely that somewhere within MPI Sowerby Engineering’s range of fans there will be a product design that can be employed or adapted for the process. If no pre-existing design is suitable we have the knowledge, experience and ability to design a new product solution to meet our customers’ requirements.